Gallery2 remote API C# wrapper

I stumbled across the Gallery.NET Toolkit on Twitter, while I should have been doing something more useful; some great work from @rmaclean (thanks for sharing / codeplexing  it).

The API wraps up a lot of the Gallery2 remote services into some easy to use C# functions.

[codesyntax lang=”csharp”]Actions a = new SADev.Gallery2.Protocol.Actions(“”);
string authToken = a.Login(“*************”, “*************”).AuthToken;
album =>
a.FetchImages(authToken, album.Name).Images.ForEach(image =>
Console.WriteLine(“\t” + image.Url)

Hopefully I’ll find an excuse to use this one day.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the mention 😉 I’m blown away by your sample code there – such a different way of using it, which I never though of.

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