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Google Wave – My First Bot

Last week, I went to the Google Technology User Group in London, which was all on the subject of Google Wave.  Lars and Steph, of Google Wave video, and Google Maps fame gave an excellent talk on Wave, how it was doing, where it was going, and the challenges they’re still facing in getting Wave ready for prime time and a public release. »

Google Wave – Embedding for the first time

This is the first of the embedded Waves using the embed api (  If you’re in the Wave, you can add comments to this one and see them both here, and on my blog.  This really demonstrates a lot of the appeal of Wave for me.  Although it’s a bit chicken-and-egg, as it’s still in a relatively closed beta.  »

Gallery2 remote API C# wrapper

I stumbled across the Gallery.NET Toolkit on Twitter, while I should have been doing something more useful; some great work from @rmaclean (thanks for sharing / codeplexing  it).

The API wraps up a lot of the Gallery2 remote services into some easy to use C# functions.

[codesyntax lang=”csharp”]Actions a = new SADev.Gallery2.Protocol.Actions(“”);
string authToken = a.Login(“*************”, “*************”).AuthToken;
album =>
a.FetchImages(authToken, album.Name).Images.ForEach(image =>
Console.WriteLine(“\t” + image.Url)

Hopefully I’ll find an excuse to use this one day.