Every site needs a /version

You’ve been squashing bugs in your code all day, and closing them in your issue manager.  Your QA team keep re-opening bugs because they don’t realise you haven’t deployed it to your staging server, yet.  In fact, they don’t really have a clue what is on your staging server.  Annoying, right?  Developers hate the extra work, QA are pretty annoyed they’re wasting their time, your project manager can’t understand why these bugs aren’t being closed, and your end users couldn’t care less but they’re eager for the next product release. »

Running PowerShell to change MSBuild scripts with NuGet

One of the things I’ve missed from creating a number of NuGet packages, is not being able to add msbuild tasks to the .csproj file.  From running web.config transforms, versioning assemblies, to running unit tests, code analysis, or deployments – msbuild can add quite a lot of cherries to your builds.   »

git out of memory errors – git repack

Occasionally when using git (particularly with large repositories) you might come across an error that looks a little bit like this:

[codesyntax lang=”bash” lines=”no” container=”none” blockstate=”expanded”]

remote: Counting objects: 506, done.
remote: fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 342222798 bytes)
remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.
fatal: protocol error: bad pack header



//TODO: Feature Release for v2012

I did one of these back in 2009 and after 2 years, I can successfully say I’ve accomplished… some of them.  It’s the sort of list I’d make an annual review if they didn’t have to follow fluffy company ideals and goals.  Not a new years resolution as such – but technologies and platforms I want to be looking at in the near future. »

Farewell 2011, Long Live 2012

I’ve seen tons of 2011 retrospective blog posts over the past month. Not having one is making me feel inadequate, so gathered from various stats on my machine, and social networks – last year, I: »

Bulgaria Photo Story

I’ve just been back out to The Balkans again, this time to Bulgaria… After heading out to SE Asia a few times in the last year or two, it’s really nice to return my travelling to my favourite part of Europe. This area offers a real melting pot of culture, history, people, and beautiful landscapes, without the bustle of more well-worn destinations elsewhere in the world – and Bulgaria is no exception. But don’t go there – I like things the way they are 🙂 »

Romania Photo Story

Just over a week in Romania, from mid-August (bit slow uploading this time). Most of the time around Bucharest and Transylvania. »