Every site needs a /version

You’ve been squashing bugs in your code all day, and closing them in your issue manager.  Your QA team keep re-opening bugs because they don’t realise you haven’t deployed it to your staging server, yet.  In fact, they don’t really have a clue what is on your staging server.  Annoying, right?  Developers hate the extra work, QA are pretty annoyed they’re wasting their time, your project manager can’t understand why these bugs aren’t being closed, and your end users couldn’t care less but they’re eager for the next product release. »

Running PowerShell to change MSBuild scripts with NuGet

One of the things I’ve missed from creating a number of NuGet packages, is not being able to add msbuild tasks to the .csproj file.  From running web.config transforms, versioning assemblies, to running unit tests, code analysis, or deployments – msbuild can add quite a lot of cherries to your builds.   »