Multiple Posts from Slovenia

Well, apologies to the subscribers who have just received a whole bunch of emails and posts all at once. The iPAQ has had a bit of a fit and whilst I can continue to write the posts on there, I just can’t post ’em…

The main thing is that the time in the Internet café can still be really quick and save me big piles of cash that’s far better spent on food. I’m really getting used to these QWERTZ keyboards now though. It might be a bit of a shock when I get back to work and all my tags are the young kids generation . Okay, sure that makes no sense to the non-geek among you.

This is just a short post to let you all know we’ve arrived at our final stop before our flight on Sunday (noooooo). Ljubljana. I’ve walked around for almost a day now, and the place is fantastic. There are dragons everywhere, as they seem especially proud of Dragon Bridge – I hadn’t read that in the guidebook yet so there was no need for disappointment at not seeing them. Don’t read guidebooks, perhaps.  So yes, dragons and amazing autumn colours and falling leaves from the massive amount of trees that adorn the river, and hillsides. I’m not sure we could have visited this city at a better time of the year, as the season just seems to suit it perfectly :

That’s it for now – time to explore the parks 🙂


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