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  1. I’m very glad indeed that I was able to introduce you to the joy of the Slender Loris yesterday, young Blake. I must point out, though, that it is not only destruction of habitat / normal human revoltingness etc that is putting paid to the variety of lorii on this planet (for there are many: Pygmy Loris, Asian Slow Loris, Bengal Slow Loris), but the fact that local humans in the areas they inhabit kill and eat them for their various medicinal ‘parts’. That’s right. Loris Eyeball is a particular delicacy that, surprise surprise, is supposed to help with eyeball problems. While Loris Knob is an ingredient in an ancient love potion and Loris Paw is traditionally worn by locals for luck. To get behind the campaign to save lorii and try to persuade people about the futility of Loris Lore, visit the Zoological Society’s website ‘Edge’, set up to save the world’s weirdest creatures: . There’s a treat in store for you when you get there. Ever heard of the Hispaniolan Solenodon? OMG!

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