Malaysia and Singapore Photo Story

I have over a thousand photos from Malaysia / Singapore spanning some 16GB, which has added considerably to my growing collection of unsorted photos sitting on my hard drive. I still have a huge set from Denmark and Sweden to get through, as well as a weekend away in Norfolk inclusive of a wedding. But putting the best onto a video always takes priority over filling the Blakepics disks, so here we go – you lucky people.

The music is “Bright Lights” by Tom McRae.

Let me know if you’re having any trouble viewing the video. This is the first time using an HTML5 compatible video format, which for the most of you should spark feelings of “I don’t care”, but hopefully the video should be a little higher quality than usual as well as supporting future standards, etc. If you’re not yet using a compliant browser, shame on you – but you should just get the flash version like usual.

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