Fare thee well, giants, fare thee well.

Fare thee well, giants, fare thee well.

Today was the finale of Die Riesen Kommen, which saw them both waking up from the Brandenburg Gate. Obviously they did what I wished I had and had a sunday lie-in, so didn’t wake up until 90 minutes after the alarm clock was supposed to go off. It did mean I got a spot right down the front for the first part of the show and to join in chants with hundreds of Germans of which I *hope* was something along the lines of “why are we waiting?”, rather than “The French are almost as lazy as the Brits”.

Once they did get moving, playing leapfrog with the rest of the crowds seemed to work very well. The Elephant and the Sultan had crowds of people following them through the London streets. In Berlin, with a lot more space and a lot more shortcuts, it was much easier to run ahead and meet the giants as they passed the next time.

All along the parade, giant symbols crashed in front of the giants, and a cannon, yes, a frickin’ mail cannon propelled letters the little girl had brought with her on her journey high into the sky to scatter onto the crowd below. Right now, that’s a much better service than we get with Royal Mail. We just need a giant cannon mounted on the front of the HMS Belfast, and we can launch all the undelivered mail across South Bank.

Children frantically darted in and out of the crowd running back to their parents with letters grasped tightly in their hands. I suspected I wasn’t going to see what was written on the letters. I had to get mean. Knock a few kids heads together, steal the mail from their pockets, or generally intercept and intimidate them before they got back to their parents.

I waited patiently instead, and now I have a sizeable stack of said mail. Except it’s all in German. I should have seen that coming.

Still, it kept everyone entertained in between following the giants around. Reunited as they were, the giants crossed the bridge towards the new Hauptbahnof station, and boarded a boat where they laid down for a nap together as they were transported out of Berlin with people clapping and cheering all the way along the river.

I caught only a small final glimpse of the giants before they left, as I was crossing the river to the East Berlin Wall Gallery, I saw their boat in the distance. They’d since been covered up, and were well on their journey home as they passed the bridge underneath me.

Well done Royal De Luxe, for an another excellent show, and Berlin for being such a fantastic host. Royal De Luxe and their giants have undoubtedly succeeded in bringing another city together under the banner of imagination. Something which may be especially poignant for Berlin, over the weekend of German unity.

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