We seek them here, we seek them there

I’ve recently signed up to yet another social networking site. Not only are “they” following me through my Tesco’s clubcard, tracking my progress across Europe with RFID euros, and circumventing all my efforts with this tin-foil-hat through the magic of VISA – I am now wilfully sending them messages every time I change my status to something like “walking to the other room””, or “sleeping”. And as I was adding my web site addresses to my profile, I realised there was a number of ways to find me on the Internet…

I run a really useful statistics program on my blog’s web logs, because I like looking at things like that when it produces coloured graphs. It also tells me what people have searched for, in order to find me. More often than not – it’s people searching for “words that rhyme with…” something. And this month is no different, so I want to share some of them because they make you think “why do you want a word that rhymes with that?” …

  • what are some words that rhyme with biscuit
  • words that rhyme with innocent
  • words that rhyme with kevin
  • words that rhyme with vicky
  • words that rhyme with festival
  • words that rhyme with subway
  • things that rhyme with blog
  • words that rhyme with homo
  • words that dont rhyme with anything
  • words that rhyme with marmite
  • words that rhyme with 2007

It amazes me, and interests me that there may well be poets out there, looking for these rhyming words to finish their masterpiece. So if you can help, please leave a comment.


  1. Argh. I was sitting here writing down lots of words that would rhyme, but it was making me tired. Perhaps this Friday we could complete this most worthy of tasks!

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