1. Thanks for the name check! Am loving http://twitter.com/towerbridge – SkyNet it ain’t – well, not yet, anyway.

  2. Oh, damn, clicking ‘add a comment’ doesn’t just automatically add a comment?!

    :: grins ::

    I’ve noticed your recent gaming achievements showing up on Facebook. One of the reasons RSS feeds are good for all kinds of dynamic content websites is because lazy people, like me, can have them fed through to a singular space.

    One thing you forget: rss feeds can be filtered.

    But please… no more gaming updates. You’re making me realise just how little time I have to game anymore!

    • Kevin
    • August 27, 2008
    • Reply

    You’ve given me an idea for a WordPress plugin… “automatically download a comment from somewhere, write ‘me too’ on the end, and submit it here”. I’ll come up with a catchier title of course.

    And you’re right, RSS feeds can be filtered – but I would happily pull statistics out of thin air that say 4 in 10 people have no idea what an RSS feed is, 3 have never used them and really can’t be bothered, and of the 3 remaining – 2 would rather not bother if it meant having to configure junk filters right off the bat. If you’ve got one web site with 90% content worthy of your time, and another with 50% – which would you go to, or would you take the time to filter through the sewage? Well, you’ve all made it here…so this may be the wrong target audience for that question…

    But hopefully that goes some way towards explaining why I have 4 links to my own different RSS feeds on this page alone (5 if you include the twitter black hole).

    I can highly recommend breaking your foot for revitalising that gaming libido … And sign up for a gravatar (http://en.gravatar.com/), already ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Pretty much everything can auto update everything. even enemy platforms…thanks to twitterfeed, social rss, and even private services like Link Liberation, auto updates have even become index driving machines.

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