Twitter Convergence – Ten Top Twitter Tools

i twitter from my fridge

'i twitter from my fridge' … Still waiting…

Two months ago, I had no use for Twitter.ย  Now it seems it’s everywhere, on everything and no device can survive without that talkative little bird.ย  So I thought I’d gather together all the different applications I’ve managed to dig out and install so far.

  1. TwitterFeed – Update Twitter automatically from this blog – both the posts and currently reading RSS feeds.
  2. Twit4Live (MSN Live Messenger Plus!) – Update your status from within any messenger chat window with /twitter <tweet>.
  3. rss2psm Nutz (MSN Live Messenger Plus!) – A slightly modified version of this script updates my MSN Personal Message whenever I post to Twitter.
  4. Twitula (Windows Mobile enabled iPAQ 4150)
  5. Shozu (Symbian Nokia N95)
  6. Twitux (GNOME Linux / Ebuntu Eee PC 701)
  7. TwitterFox (Firefox) – Update and view status from within the browser.
  8. RSS2IMAP – My RSS feed reader of choice, read the Twitter RSS and convert into emails, for viewing in Thunderbird.
  9. Facebook Twitter – Updates my Facebook status whenever I post to twitter (from anywhere).
  10. BeTwittered (iGoogle)

And because of all of this, I never need to visit any more.ย  That’s progress ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. In case you’ve got an Apple Computer, you should install Twitter on your “Dashboard”. Love it! You can get the software on I think.
    That way, I stay updated at work and people who pass my computer don’t see me online all the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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