Metronet – ruining your lives for a better tomorrow

About once a year, I like to complain about the tube strikes. I did it last year, and I’ll do it again this year. This year it’s the turn of Metronet, who’s members are after assurances over job security and pensions.

I care about the important issues. I care about the plight of the workers standing up to The Man, Transport for London in this case. I care about who will stand and be counted, before there is nobody left to stand. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the common man. I will join them in taking this fight to their front door and hit them in the pockets, where it hurts the most.

Tube services are cancelled from Tuesday until Thursday. Do you realise how bloody inconvenient that is? I’ll never get home. You purse-pinching money grabbing bastards.

Actually, I don’t really care. You see, London has quite a few different ways of getting around. And with my help, you might be able to find your way around too. Firstly, there are the buses. They run above ground – where the air comes from. There are also overland trains. They’re also above ground, but look quite like the trains you see on the underground, with less red. Now here’s the really crazy part. The Great Fire died out over 340 years ago. The streets are safe to return to once more, and London is now traversable in its entirety by foot. Yep, believe it or not, you can walk from Warren Street station all the way to Goodge Street without taking the underground.

Above all, just try not to panic, everyone. It will all be OK ๐Ÿ™‚



    • Nick
    • September 4, 2007
    • Reply

    Don’t get me started on Striking for the bigger cause – Royal Mail springs to mind….They don’t exactly deliver the mail any differently whether they are on strike or not….OK, I said don’t get me started, now see what you’ve gone and done !!!!

  1. The Great Fire is out?!?!!!!!


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