Denmark & Sweden Photo Story

For the past week, I’ve been travelling around the Copenhagen area of Denmark, and south Sweden. The usual stash of photos have made their way back, and onto this photo story. »

Fare thee well, giants, fare thee well.

Today was the finale of Die Riesen Kommen, which saw them both waking up from the Brandenburg Gate. Obviously they did what I wished I had and had a sunday lie-in, so didn’t wake up until 90 minutes after the alarm clock was supposed to go off. It did mean I got a spot right down the front for the first part of the show and to join in chants with hundreds of Germans of which I *hope* was something along the lines of “why are we waiting?”, rather than “The French are almost as lazy as the Brits”. »

Norway Photo Story

I’m now back home from a week away in Norway, and whilst there are still draft blog posts sitting on the server, I’ve gone ahead and procrastinated over their completion by sorting out photos instead. All these pictures come from Norway mostly along the Oslo-Bergen route, including a stop off in Flåm. »

Travel map – countries visited

I’ve been looking for a good countries visited map for quite some time. There’s something satisfying about painting the world red (or in this case, orange), and something humbling about seeing massive chunks of the planet untouched. So since we’re approaching April and I’m getting the inevitable itchy feet again, I’ve gone hunting.

Up until now, World66 had seemed my only option. But in the Age of Google, posting images for this sort of thing seems a bit of a letdown. Fortunately 29travels have just the thing with their Google Map version.

Pretty cool but it’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be an option to edit the map. But, a quick look at the iframe source, and you can see it’s pretty easy to hack in any new countries as you visit. Providing you know the right country codes of course.

That query string is a long list of 2-digit country codes. So, if you know the code for the country you want to add, just adding it to the string will provide all the highlighting you need. For example Australia = AU

Who wants to package this up into a WordPress plugin for me? 🙂

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