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GalleryTweet – Twitter for your Gallery2

This post is no longer being maintained due to budget constraints - please check the project page for the latest information:

I’m releasing the updated module for Gallery2 under the name of GalleryTweet. It was prompted by a few people mentioning they couldn’t get my earlier hack to work – so I thought I’d build something that was (slightly) more robust, and might stand to work on installations other than my own.

You might want to skip my ramblings and jump straight to the download, so here’s a link for you folks:

  1. Install by unzipping to the root of your Gallery2 installation, and activate through the plugins panel.activate
  2. Once logged in, edit your Twitter settings through the left navigationmenu
  3. You should enter your twitter username / password, and the format you’d like to send your Tweets out with.twitter-settings
  4. Now while you’re browsing the Gallery, Tweet about any images using the link below the thumbnailtweet

Please drop me a message on Twitter @kevinblake if you’ve found the plugin useful, can’t get it work, or have any other feedback.  That download link again, in case you missed it the first time:

Happy Tweeting!

This post is no longer being maintained due to budget constraints - please check the project page for the latest information:

Twitter your Gallery 2

Seems everyone is talking about Twitter nowadays.  The Hudson River picture launched it into the media world as the best news source on the planet, and Obama‘s adoption of the tool has given America the same pleasure that Britain experienced when our Prime Minister, Stephen Fry starting getting ‘back in touch with the people’, in October 2008.

The Hudson River picture wouldn’t have been possible without the non-affiliated TwitPic – which never truly got the recognition it deserved.  Without it, the infamous picture would have only been a 140 character description, and nobody will have noticed or cared.  Still, that’s the nature of buzzwords I guess.  If they don’t cause a buzz, they’re just words.

Anyway, TwitPic is yet another disparate service like Flickr, Panoramio or Facebook that’s had me tempted away from uploading some of my photos to Gallery2 / Blakepics.  With Facebook, I’ve integrated my own application there; Panoramio and Flickr, stolen the best parts of each.

And now with a hack to the tagging module in Gallery 2 I can emulate all I want from TwitPic as well, and tuck another service onto the shelf at the back at the cupboard.  So as usual, I thought I’d share.

What it is…

  • Tweet any photos on Gallery just by adding the tag ‘twitter’ to your photo.
  • Automatically takes the photos title as your Tweet text.
  • Processes all URLs through TinyURL, giving you a warm and fuzzy Tiny URL

What it isn’t…

  • A seamless Gallery2 module.  There’s some hacking to do.
  • Multi-user.  If you share your Gallery, there’s some more work to do.

If you make improvements in these areas or any others – please let me know 🙂


Things you need to do

  1. Download my Twitter Tags class
  2. Unzip to the root of your Gallery installation
  3. Edit /modules/tags/classes/TwitterTag.class with your twitter username/pass, and Gallery URL.
  4. Edit /modules/tags/classes/TagsHelper.class
    1. Add this just above the line ‘class TagsHelper’
    2. Then just above
      return TagsHelper::assignTagById($itemId, $tagId);
      TwitterTag::Tweet($itemId, $tagId);
  5. Tag any photos you want to appear on Twitter with ‘twitter’.