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//TODO: Learn, play, discuss.

Somewhat inspired by Mike Taulty’s blog, I’ve decided I should throw my Tech TODO list at the world, because it might encourage / guilt me into doing some of them, as well as provide a preview on what this blog might be including over the next few months.

So all of these are technologies, packages, or platforms I want to be checking out in the not-to-distant future.  In no particular order, they’re bound to be added to as I go and quite possibly ignored as well.

  • .NET
    • ADO.NET Data Services
    • F#
    • IronRuby
    • Open-sourcing a simple XML resource provider (CodePlex)
    • .NET 4
      • Windows Communication Foundation
      • Entity Framework
      • Parallel Extensions
  • Gallery3
    • Module development
      • Migrate Twitter module
      • Migrate auto-GPS-tagging module
    • Theme development
  • Google Wave