Switch Location

Current version: 1.0.02 Beta

What does it do?

Designed primarily for laptops, Switch Location will automatically change your hosts file based on the wireless network SSID you’re currently connected to.  This means you can have different local IP addresses for machines inside your home or office network, and still maintain their public IP address once you leave it.


Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit)
Version 4 of the .NET Framework
Whilst untested for the beta, please let me know if you have it working on other operating systems



Download SwitchLocation.v1.0.02.zip installer.


Will this work with wired networks?
No, not exactly.  If you’re not connected to a wireless network, your Default hosts file will be used – you will not have the option of choosing a specific hosts file for that network.

What about feature x?
Features of Switch Location during the Beta are very limited to fulfil a specific need of mine.  If there are particular features you’d like to see or ides for improvements, please let me know.

Something broke…
Please let me know about if, via the comments below or Twitter.  This is still a very early Beta release, so if something’s gone wrong, I want to know so I can fix it.

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