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Tube Strike Chaos

The 24 hour tube strike finished today at 6.30 this evening. The strike was all about something or other, because a lot of the people who work on the tube were a bit miffed about their new schedules. Actually, I do have every sympathy for people affected by a rota that would potentially cause job losses. Until they throw their toys out the pram and strike, that is.

Anyway, the strikes this morning were devastating on a personal level. Delayed the Northern line, closed one of the exits from London Bridge. It’s a wonder I made it to work at all. Don’t even get me started on the journey home. That was a whole different story, news of the strikes had obviously travelled with many people at work saying. “The what? What’s that about then? Nope, didn’t notice it”.

I’m not sure they exactly hammered the point home. But I did get a seat on the fairly empty tube around 6.00. And THAT’s not normal.

Giant Pink Bunnies

I’m now officially on holiday for 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks of not working. No more mornings. No more London Underground. No more ham and cheese sandwiches over my desk. No more waking up before I have to (well, except for the flight days). And most of all, no more working (did I mention that already?).

So to mark the occassion (don’t ask me how this relates, exactly – as I don’t know) – I’ve stolen an idea from Trippy’s blog, who stole it from dreamkitten13, who borrowed it from kellzilla, who stole it from devilishdestiny, who probably stole it from some guy they met down at the club on the corner of that street with the thing.

Go to and type “(your name) needs” Then pick the 5 funniest ones there.

If your name is Sally, you would put this into the search engine: “Sally needs”

then (if you have nothing better to do) tag five people and watch the fun unfold! (but seriously who cares who does it?)

Five things that “____________” Needs

So. Kevin needs …

  • Donations to the “Kevin Needs To Look At Pretty Shapes” or KNTLAPS fund will be accepted
  • “I think what Kevin needs is games,” Flowers said. “He’s done well in training and done all that has been asked of him. But any young boy needs games
  • Kevin Needs Help
  • Kevin needs aggressive treatment to avoid re-spiraling intohomelessness
  • kevin needs to not let people i don’t know call my house to try and talk to me

And so, that’s all very well and good – but what about things I don’t necessarily need, but just kinda want? Those little extras that give life the edge of living and being alive?

  • Kevin wants everyone to know how much their unwavering support of him has meant, and wants to dedicate this win to each and every one of you
  • Kevin wants to go to the station with her, but Lucy tells him to stay there … When Kevin asks her what is wrong she says she wants to go to bed
  • Kevin wantsit to look like a sports bar!
  • Kevin wants to call the baby Vegas!!!!
  • Kevin wants it known, however, that “old” does not by any means denote fuddy-duddy, and that he can still kick it with the cool kids.

While on this search for needs and wants, I came across a brilliant news article. For every good idea, there are thousands of insane thoughts that if joined together would surely put your friends or colleagues into a soft room for the rest of their lives. “Dude, we should like, get a bike, and attach some like, fireworks to it, and see how fast we can go”. That’s all very well, most of these ideas come from drinking too much, or something like that. But generally these ideas are gone by morning, and the burns will fade over time. What happens when you don’t sober up though? What happens when someone takes it a step too far and gets an entire community excited about it? Well, apparantly these Italians build a 200ft giant pink bunny on a mountain side designed to last for 20 years.

Giant pink bunny on the mountain side

Fair play to them, I for one want to go and visit it at some point in the next 20 years. The most important story of all, that any of us can possibly take away from this is the story of how this broke out of a pub, into convincing a bunch of grannies into knitting a huge bunny. Did they know what they were doing? Or were they conned into it by one evil and very sick person? “Yes, please knit this bunny foot for my daughter, she’ll absolutely love it. Yes, yes, she’s quite a large girl so it does need to be 40ft long. Thank you so much”.

So the final thought for the day. With everyone organising war, and enslavement in the world – it’s good to know that people can come together and produce something good. Not something that will change the world. But if you can make one person laugh – it was worth knitting that huge pink bunny. Profound.