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Wishing you were somewhere else…

As human beings, we spend a large amount of our time wishing we were somewhere else, or doing something different. Minutes fly by waiting for a phone to ring; hours disappear waiting for lunch time; afternoons waiting to go home; days wishing for the weekend; weeks to start something new; months in the pursuit of a holiday in the sun; and years before you take your life its next new direction.

This entry of the continuing University Notes is the focus of just those moments in time when we found ourselves wishing we weren’t in lectures.


I wish I was in Germany,
because then,
I wouldn’t be,


After the whole days break you’ve all been enjoying of no entries, it’s rather fitting to dedicate this one to holidays (breaks – see, like the link?). So, I’ve dug out some of the best drawings from the note book, by a man who may well become very famous for his artistic abilities. If you haven’t guessed who I’m talking about already, it’s the very under-appreciated-in-his-field Ben.

Ben Snowboarding

You see, Ben was very smug in the first part of 2000 as he knew that while we were all sitting in lectures, being very bored – he was going to sneak some time off for himself and go snowboarding. Well, there’s actually a quote that accompanies this, just a few pages before which demonstrates exactly why he had every right to be pleased.

He’s going on holiday, the week EVERYTHING is being set. Including coursework, on which they’re going to base the exam.
HAHA – BEN” — Kevin Blake

Well it obviously didn’t phase him too much, and since Ben eventually ended with a 1st it just goes to show that taking holidays mid-semester is exactly the right time to do it, rather than wasting the breaks in between. Stay in school kids.


For the second in the series of University Notes, I’ve chosen a particularly poignant poem spilt onto the page by my own hand, during a time of particular boredom where the clock would simply not move round within the normal boundaries of time. I am of course talking about Computing and Ethics lectures.


They say hell is being locked,
In a room with your friends,
It depends if your friends take,
Computer Science.


Whilst tidying the boxes stacked up in my room today, I came across an old notebook from university. They’re mostly notes from the first year of uni, which mostly consist of really rubbish poetry and written conversations between myself and other students. There’s a double page spread of when we snuck Ali into a lecture (why!?), poems from myself and Luke, and some quite simply amazing artwork from Ben.

For the most part, these entries will undoubtedly mean nothing to anybody, but maybe they will – and my university experience is remarkably similar to your own…. Regardless, over the next couple of weeks I want to share some of my notes with the rest of you … and hopefully bring back a few fond memories of how we all got through the crisis of university before the bar opened 🙂

The first of many, a poem by Luke (I think). I believe this describes the mature students on our course. Full name not disclosed to protect the innocent…


When you are old,
You ask questions,
And think you are clever.
When you are old,
People smile at your questions,
And think you are senile.