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Ubuntu Eee (701) Suspend / Resume problems

Eee Ubuntu

Since installing Ubuntu on the Eee, I had no doubt it was going to replace the Xandros install full-time.  It has a lot more features for my inner geek and better support for the applications that only I can find essential.

It also takes a hell of a lot longer to boot up.

But that’s okay, these new Atom processors don’t take up a lot of battery life when they’re in standby… If I were a real reporter, I’d test that theory.  But since I’m blogging, so I’ll throw out any kinds of lies that I like – so long as I’m upfront and honest about it.

So far so good, except Resume doesn’t work on Ubuntu Eee, either.


So I followed the steps on the usual eee user wiki about suspend/resume.  And that didn’t work either.

What I did find, is that you can actually resume from the never-ending sleep of the Ubuntu if you run the command:

sudo /etc/acpi/ force

Furthermore, you can replace the pm-suspend command with the same – and your shiny new Ubuntu Eee will wake up when you ask it.  Rather than whining about it being too early and throwing the covers over its head.
#Make a backup, just in case.
sudo cp /usr/sbin/pm-suspend /usr/sbin/pm-suspend.bak
sudo echo "/etc/acpi/ force" >/usr/sbin/pm-suspend

And that will let you continue to use the lid or the shut-down screen for all your eee suspension needs.  Hopefully I can do something about that initial boot-time, next.