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Myth TV on Fedora 7

IMG_0037Well, I’ve decided this blog was getting far too technology-based over the last few entries. I’m in desperate need of another hobby, writing about my travels is all very well – but I only have 27 days holiday each year to spare for that sort of thing. Code is falling in from the ceiling and spilling out onto the posts. In my deepest moments of insanity I’ve starting writing about branding. Being able to claim the moral high ground in the past, I’ve now found myself getting into debates over logos, design and the public perception.

Well it has to change. Right now.. So this evening is all about the introduction to my Myth TV posts, which will serve as some sort of inadequate guide to getting an open-source media center up and running with digital tv recording, playback, tv guides as well as all the networkable, internet-ready, upgradeable, linux hardware hell you’d expect from such a project. Much more fun than going down the shop and buying a complete system. You can’t imagine.

Wait. Shit.

Okay, there will be code. There will certainly be text-only configuration files. Hopefully, I can get a llama in there somewhere… Hopefully.